Be passionate to Accept the Challenges

By shariff mohammed | 12.10.2015
Mohammed Abdullah Al-Kahl, Founder & Director Excellence Advertising, A young entrepreneur who started his business while doing his bachelors in business administration at King Faisal University. His involvement in local sports club and other social activities made him think out of the box and started this advertising venture. He shares his experience with Mohammed Shariff of Saudi Commerce and Economic Review.

How did you started this business and how did you choose this sector?

This is an advertising agency which provides advertising services to individuals and corporates. I started this project for only gift items and T-shirt printing for birthday and weddings. Later I started doing the same for gift item and bags etc. Initially I concentrated on individuals, later I turned my attention toward corporates and Alhamdulillah, today I have list of big corporates as my clients. The business is running successfully since then. Some big advertising agencies in the Kingdom also contacting us for many works that they cannot fulfill.

Is this your first project ?

Not at all. In Fact I started with sales of sports cloths while I was very active in sports clubs. Those were the baby steps, from there I started diversifying business to different level. Three years ago with little finance I started this venture, which is actually result of the growth of my existing business.  Actually this ideas was sprouted when I visited Dubai. I bought some sports t-shirts of some European football clubs, and when I started wearing in the Kingdom,  there were enquiries about the t-shirts. That’s where I realized that it's not available in the Kingdom. I went  to Dubai again and bought in large numbers and started supplying to these football teams, that's how the business grew. Apart from this now I am also working as advertising consultant for more than five hospitals. 


What were the challenges that you faced while starting your business?

When we talk about challenges, I think there are few gray areas that we need to correct. There is no point complaining on everything. Of course things are not easy, but focus on business and hard work will ease the troubles that you face. You have to be passionate to accept the challenges. Today I am proud to say that we are 100 percent Saudi firm, our all employees are also Saudis. At levels there are Saudis who are working and there are few female employees who are also hard working. I must thank my wife who afforded to be alone for long, as initially I had spent more than 16 hours at my work. She supported me at every level and she is one who encouraged me to put my best effort into this. I was able to groom my talent as well as my employees who have developed enormous skills in this field. Today we know the importance and need of hard working and training. Whenever we get opportunity to get some training, we take that and we make sure that its get implemented in our business. Today Alhamdulillah, we are doing better and we have generated employment opportunity to more than 15 nationals. For me this is great achievement.

How did you get introduced to Asharqia Chamber's Small & Medium Enterprises Development Center (SMEDC) and how did help in shaping business?

I came to know about this SMEDC four years ago and I attended its program "How to start your business" and it made me think beyond normal employment in some company. The chamber opened many doors for consultation and suggestions. I met many entrepreneurs who succeeded in their business. This is was an turning point for me to think about business. We received best available information and helped is at all level.  Today I can say that my company has recorded 70 percent growth and soon we will reach 100 percent.

What is your future aspirations?

Expansion is my goal and we will soon have our branches in Jubail and Riyadh. We would like to explore more business opportunities. Our entry into the corporate sector is at its initial stage and we will soon expand it. Recently held Young Men and Women Business exhibition, organized by Asharqia Chamber's Young Businessmen Council helped me in getting contact if major companies like Aramco, Sadara, SABIC. Inshallah, soon we will launch our own advertising products.  I have dream and I am sure that I will achieve those dreams with the grace of Allah.


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