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Creativity inspires passion and passion results in success. Most people find their success in innovative and creative ideas. Therefore, one of the important aspects of success in business is creativity.

Creative entrepreneurs have the ability to think out of the box. They see opportunities where their competitors don’t. Creativity is what inspired Apple to create a user-friendly interface on their machines, Amazon to offer free two-day shipping and Facebook to enact the endless scroll. These innovative ideas prompted people to go for these products and tilted the market in their favor.

Others follow but leaders lead. What ignites creativity would be the next important question. Reading is said to be a very effective way to fan passion and kindle creativity. Reading outside the realm of work, books dealing with a wider spectrum or sphere of business other than what you are dealing with helps you look beyond.

Savvy businessmen also recognize the importance of spending some quiet time with themselves. It gives them time to introspect, retrospect and think outside the box. Travelling too widens the horizon. It makes one aware of the needs and wants of people around and then push to look for newer avenues to fulfil them, thus breaking new grounds in business.

Our spotlight this month is on the Construction and Contracting sector which is brightening up after a slump. This sector is improving and further improvement is excepted as the year progresses. A survey indicates there are $284.3 billion worth of projects in the early stages of development in the Kingdom, with over 700 projects scheduled to begin work soon and due by or before 2022. The optimism is attributed to the increase of government spending in this sector.

Saudi Vision 2030’s plan to move the economy away from oil profits is driving construction activities in both residential and non-residential segments. Reforms aimed at increasing the private sector’s contribution to growth industries such as mining, manufacturing, and healthcare are offering new investment opportunities in the form of joint ventures or public-sector partnerships. The Saudi construction market has tremendous growth potential and creative entrepreneurs will flourish

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