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Be A Goal Setter


Rarely has anyone failed for want of capacity. Most times, failure is due to lack of direction, commitment or the willingness to change. Setting goals is one way to stay on track as well as to track progress. Come December and it’s time to make resolutions and set goals for many of us. According to Sales Guru Tom Hopkins, writing down your goals is the first step to achieving them since that is like a kind of commitment. Writing them down make our goals real, concrete.

A study was conducted among Harvard University alumni to find out how many were achieving their goals. It was revealed that an amazing 83 percent had no goals – none whatsoever. They had absolutely no targets they were working toward. 14 percent had specific goals but these were not written down. However, they were earning three times the income the 83 percent were earning. The remaining 3 percent had specific goals, clearly written to read and review. And they were earning ten times the income of the 83 percent who had no goals.

Setting exciting goals is also important as the challenge keep us motivated. Goal setting should not be all about work but should extend to every sphere of life and, if loved ones are included in them, all the better. Once set, give some time – every day initially then weekly – to review and even revise your goals if necessary, says Hopkins. Setting a goal for the right reasons is a good start. Good goals get you excited when you think about the benefits of accomplishing them. 

J.C. Penny, founder of the retail store chain which bears his name said, “Give me a stock clerk with a goal, and I’ll give you a person who will make history. Give me a person without a goal and I’ll give you a stock clerk.”

We often confuse our wishes or desires with goals. Time and again, we want things, situations or accomplishments, and call these goals. We must identify something that we want to accomplish and establish measurable goals and timeframes. When we decide on a financial change to save more money and then set a certain amount to save each month -- that is effective goal-setting.

A few essential steps towards goal-setting are: believing in our goals, visualizing them, writing them down, stating their purpose, committing to them, staying focused, and drawing up a clear plan of action. These tips may ease your expedition. Just jump into the driver’s seat and steer your way to success.

Happy journey!

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