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Humans are such capable beings that no praise is high enough for the species. We have the proof of human genius all around us. From salt to software, we have learnt the art of creating the best with available resources. Unfortunately, we have also learnt the art of turning boon into a bane and abusing what is made available by Nature.

Unusually soaring temperatures, unprecedented rains leading to floods, abnormal climate change are all result of indiscriminate use and abuse of our natural resources. We are so inter-dependent on Nature that the results of meddling with Nature are being felt far and wide.

The hot and humid climate prevailing in the GCC countries with temperatures crossing 50 degrees Celsius in some of the states, is the handiwork of us humans who somewhere sometime have meddled with Nature. The temperatures witnessed this year have been even higher than usual. The Saudi Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) issued a warning that temperatures would surpass 50 degrees Celsius in the Eastern Province. Recently parts of Saudi Arabia recorded the highest temperatures ever witnessed in the country at 53 degrees.

Experts say the temperatures are increasing year after year due to global warming. The buildup of greenhouse gasses within our atmosphere is causing temperatures to increase. They warn higher temperatures are only the tip of the iceberg. The increases have been linked to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina in the US 2005, and the Russian heat wave of 2010.

When thinking about man-made environmental issues, the abuse of beautiful, serene nature and the luxuries created for our living, one wonders what we want in life. Can’t we progress without destruction? Can’t we make our lives comfortable without abusing Nature? Can’t we live in harmony with what we already have and build on it?

It's not whether you progress or not; it’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game that counts.

Happy holidays!

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