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Why Fear?


A friend of mine recently threw a party because he got a raise. He had always been a guy who had stuck to his job, a silent worker. This was the first raise he ever got. Intrigued by his success, I asked him the magic formula he had discovered or invented, for the raise. What he said was an eye opener. He questioned, “Why fear?” He further explained:

According to his Life Coach, any time we’re hesitant to take bold action in any endeavor, it always comes down to our beliefs about ourselves. And our beliefs about ourselves are almost always created by childhood experiences.

As children, we experience trauma, which causes us pain. Our ego then creates beliefs that are designed to prevent future pain. And that is the root of self-sabotage. These beliefs and self-defense mechanisms many a times are road blocks in our progress.

And do you see how those beliefs have a tangible, measurable, and detrimental effect on our life?

Why are some people very bold whereas most of us are hesitant and doubt our abilities and capabilities? It is not always our personality, that we are introvert or extrovert, that is the reason for it. Asking the boss a favor or asking for a raise, are situations very sensitive for most of us and we keep postponing them for “when the time is right”, which never comes.

But what the ego doesn’t know is that facing our pain is how we grow the most.

We need to face them. If you want a raise, ask the boss for it. What can the worst scenario be in such a situation? The boss may say NO. That’s all.

We need to ask ourselves: How much are the false beliefs about oneself costing us? And what are we willing to do to face them and change them?

The biggest obstacle in our progress is not anyone or anything else but what lies within us. Success or failure, rise or fall, are the results of how we see ourselves. Doubting our abilities is limiting our capabilities and success.

The solution lies in facing the doubts and overcoming them.

Therefore, “Why Fear?”
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