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Hard Work Triumphs


Hoping that many goals have been set, personal and professional, one thing needs to be reminded that, when we set goals, we think of success and have the result in mind. Even the overpaid consultant when asked for help in goal setting, starts with the question, “What does success mean to you? Or what does success look like to you?” It may be losing ten pounds or earning more money, writing a book, etc. Setting goal is rather an easy job because it is very enjoyable to think of what we want or what we like. We all want a gold medal but are we willing to work that hard, like a champion, for that gold medal?

Life is like sitting in a boat. The goal is like a rudder (helps to steer the boat), it determines where it will go. But to move forward in the determined direction you need oars to propel you further. The oar in this case is the process to attain the goal. The pain, the sacrifice, the hard work, the perseverance that we are ready to go through. Otherwise the goals remain on paper, year after year.

Give your goals a direction by working out the strategy to achieve them. You may have as many goals as you want with the timeline and deadline of your choice but they all need a road map to achieve them.

The National Transformation Plan also has its goal set. As the things are moving there is no doubt that by 2020 Saudi citizens will have a complete upper hand in both the private and public sectors. As per the 2016 Q3 reports, employment growth remained positive. The reports also indicated that the Saudi labor force participation rate rose to a record high, reaching 42 percent in Q3, pushed up by higher participation from both Saudi males and females. This is a positive sign and in alignment with the ambitious Vision 2030. The NTP will dynamically reduce unemployment rate in the Kingdom. In addition to that the Ministry of Labor’s Duroob program that serves the needs of jobseekers will further help the young Saudi job seeker get the job matching his skills.

The Kingdom has set clearly defined goals keeping in mind all the challenges that may arise. In short Saudi Arabia will soon emerge as an economic superpower in the region and an influential leader on the world map. The oars are firmly in place to propel the country ahead towards its goal.

Let us aim for the gold and start working hard to achieve it. Success assuredly is in the offing.

Good Luck!

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