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The debate these days in the intellectuals’ circles revolve around projections of slowing down of Saudi Arabia’ s economy.  The growth is compared with last year’ s 3.4 percent. The prolonged oil slump has generated wider speculation as Brent crude has fallen by more than 40 percent in the last four months. No doubt the fiscal outlook is challenging, but the push to maintain spending,  International sovereign bond sale and cut in energy subsidies, should let some steam out. Other government measures,  to tackle he situation, may include new forms of taxation and privatizing state assets.

In spite of all the predictions, Saudi Arabia has come third in poll for the world’ s happiest countries. e research was carried out by WIN/Gallup International,  polling association which interviewed 66, 040 people from 68 countries. The findings suggest that people have different perceptions of what ‘happiness' means, material wealth, ideological freedom and civil stability do not necessarily translate into personal contentedness.

Happy or not, n this fast changing world which is continuously oscillating between good and not so good situation, be it at international, national, or personal level or be it at social, political, or emotional level we all are feeling a pinch of it somewhere or the other.

The vulnerability of business world and its ever swinging highs and lows has added to the chaos. This has led to a time where stress has unfortunately gained un-parallel popularity. And people are on a constant look out for ways and means to deal with it. Healthy living style and habits ave never seen o much thought and talked about as they are these days.

To combat stress people have turned to healthy habits and style. But change is easier to discuss than to bring about. Adopting a change in life style needs motivation, support and strategy. Strategy is cleverly planning out the way to bring about the change.
So make surrounding conducive to your goal. Focus on goals that are easy to achieve then go for the difficult ones,  start with a manageable change.  or example,  f you’ re very overweight, on’ t try to follow a workout program meant for athletes. You can get there eventually, but that’ s not a battle  you need to fight right now.  f you’ re surrounded by people ho tear down your goals, then work on your projects n a different location or reach out to like-minded people. So taking a leaf out of the strategies suggested by Sun Tzu,  Let’s learn to stay cool and focused.
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