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Where do you see yourself in 2016?  How do you expect the world to treat you? Do you face the world expecting red lights, mean bosses, and difficulties? Or, do you face your life  expecting great things to happen? Whatever we expect is likely to happen.

We make resolutions. Some of us carry over the same resolutions year after year with no results. We start working towards our resolutions with sincere intentions but after a while lose sight of them. The thing is, we need to have new baselines to achieve higher levels of success. It is important to change if we want to see the change.  If we keep doing the same thing,  he results too will remain he same. Therefore,  let’ s face the New Year with great expectations so that great things happen to us and the world we  are  living  in.  The  world right  now is  struggling  to come  to terms  with all  the  financial  and political turmoil. Yet, there are many beautiful and great things also happening out there. We ought to recognize the opportunities and we will be able to do that only with a positive mind.  Otherwise,  every one ends up blaming others for their own shortcomings.

THE BUDGET always brings with it expectations and anticipations. The Saudi Budget 2016 is no exception. It presents the right blend of traditional goals and need-of-the-hour objectives.  Focusing on the importance of diversifying the economy,  the Budget is practical and positive.  Policies,  plans and programs to achieve this aim ill be the key to the Kingdom’ s progress.

With education and training getting a big share in the Budget, the planners have confirmed the belief that youth welfare is one of the major concerns of the policy makers. Human welfare is the major priority with health, housing,  transportation getting a respectable hare in he budget.

Women participating in he elections not only as candidates but also s voters for he first time has been another significant  contribution to  the  great  expectations. This  has  not  only  opened new doors for women in terms of rights but also signifies a shift and a hope for more reforms that will help Saudi women.

Providing stability and balance, the year 2016 has begun on the right note. We have reasons therefore to expect great things o happen n the coming days.
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