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Celebrate Creativity


Are you a creative person? Is it important to be creative in our ind of job? Are your employee creative? These are important questions because creativity is an important aspect employees of success in each and every field.

Is creativity something that we are born with or is it a skill that can be learnt? According to Barbara Kerr, a Psychology Professor, about 22 percent of your creative ability is determined by your biology. The remaining 78 percent is determined by your environment, education, and practice. In her words, approximately 22 percent of the variance in creativity s due o the influence of genes. ” Therefore,  when person says,  I am not creative; it is more of an excuse.  we all are born with an amount of creative ability which can be further rained and enhanced.

The present day uncertain economic conditions have prompted organizations to rethink their hiring process and attract top talent. In their quest to find the best candidates, most organizations  have now realized that they have to look beyond academic qualifications and experience.  They are scouting for people who can not only complete their job at hand but also bring new perspectives to  the table. Sharp thinkers and proactive resources are, therefore, in demand today as they can help a  company grow in the right direction. Creative employees bring in new solutions, new opportunities,  broader outlook and an enthusiasm o learn.

Besides, being creative is a criterion not only for employees but also for the employer. It should start from the top. A Forbes article puts it plainly: “ True business and marketing leaders embrace uncertainty and complexity as creative catalysts hat invite and,  n fact, demand innovation. creative leaders should view constraints t every level as exciting challenges hat release  –  not restrict  –  creative responses. Additionally, creative leadership recognizes the risk in trying new things and doesn’t fear failure. ”

The article goes on to emphasize that true leaders ought to recognize the “ dreamers” and creative people within the workplace and, rather than ostracize them, celebrate the unique ways that they come up with ideas and solutions. If you break the shackles of routine and learn to embrace and enjoy new ideas, whether you are staff or boss, you start living a more fulfilling life where you celebrate success even n failure. Discover creativity and celebrate!
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