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Building Bridges


The advent of New Year always prompts each one to make resolutions and set new goals. We often hear wise men say: without goals and targets, life is like running a race without a finishing line, and so on and so forth.

Then we set goals, like increasing customer base, losing weight, starting a new life style, etc.  After some time, we lose sight of the goal and return to our old ways. Why does this happen?

You are standing on one side of a river, the person you are; and on other side is the person you want to be. There is no bridge and you don’t know how to swim. You wait for some time expecting a canoe or a miracle, but when nothing like that happens you turn back. It is the same with our goals. They are lost because we never work on the means to achieve them.

Well, here is some advice from experts. Learn the ways to fulfill and attain your goals after setting them. Look for people who had similar goals and have achieved them. Make life easy; learn to build bridges between the goals you set and the means to achieve them. That will lead you to success.

We are living in the age of uncertainty; or, positively put, a very dynamic age. Financial crises, fluctuating oil prices, mercurial rise and fall of stock exchanges, unpredictable commercial scenarios; and we have learned to survive them all.

The Year 2016 too will bring with it its own highs and lows. This year let’s resolve to set goals along with a road map to achieve them. The decision makers, the leaders, the heads, who have the onus of setting targets not only for themselves but for their followers, nations, and supporters, need to realize that lofty goals need immaculate and precise planning to realize them.

On the home front, experts predict the Kingdom to sail through the volatile world economic situation unscathed. The buffer build by the predecessors and farsightedness by the present policy makers will give the country the needed impetus. Budget 2016 will be something to watch for, and the goals set therein will be achieved and attained by building bridges to attain them.

Let's get started on building our bridges.


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