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On New Year’s Eve, at a children’s speech contest in Dammam, the compere asked the judges out of the blue what advice they would give to participating students for the New Year. Instinctively one of the judges replied that he hopes these students make mistakes in the year to come. The reply astonished the organizers as well as the participants.

What the judge meant was if somebody is making mistakes it shows he is learning, changing himself,and trying new things. Most importantly it proves you are living and doing something. Try doing things you have never done before. We too are doing something that we have not done before.

We are going online! Now you can access your favorite magazine on the net – a New Year’s gift to our readers and well wishers. Hope you find it handy and valuable.

New Year is also like a new chapter waiting to be written. What would we want our lives to be? What do we want our work, family, to be? Let’s write our goals, the big ones and small ones, because goals give direction to our lives. In fact, write the goals on a paper with a pen, as writing them down is the first sincere attempt toward achieving them.

We have written our goals for the magazine, to make it more useful and interesting for you, our readers.

Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’... – Alfred Tennyson

Yes, hope is smiling on the Saudi economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) acknowledges that Saudi Arabia has been one of the fastest growing G-20 countries in recent years. The increase in oil revenues has successfully been used to support growth in the non-oil sector. IMF expects growth to accelerate to 4.4 percent in 2014, from 3.6 percent in 2013, with growth in the non-oil sector remaining robust at 5 percent.

The Trade Confidence Index in the Kingdom remains higher at 127.1 than the global Index of 112. Imports in infrastructure are expected to rise as Saudi Arabia intends to continue to diversify its economy. The government is increasingly seeking to diversify the export base away from oil. The GDP is expected to grow reasonably strongly by 3.9 percent. Saudi non-oil exports are growing faster than oil exports. In the New Year we expect a strong growth in key sectors including pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, plastics, mining and automobile.

We hope this happiness spreads across humankind. In the New Year those among you who want to follow the advice of the judge at the speech contest can freely do so. We assure it will surely benefit you. So, make new mistakes every time. Don’t stop, just do it... whatever you love to do, whatever you wanted to do and whatever you are scared to do.

Make 2014 awesome!
Irfan Iqbal Khan
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