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By Davis Thattil | 03.12.2018
Replacement of all kinds of airconditioning systems of in the hospitality palace complex and rest of the areas in Makkah: Tender#: 7/1439; Document price: SR5,000; D/L: 18-March 2018.

Renovation and expansion of the kitchen at the Hospitality Palace No. (2) and Hospitality Palace No. (3) at the hospitality palace complex in Mina: Tender#: 6/1439; Document price: SR5,000; D/L: 13-March 2018.

Replacement of elevators for guests at Al-Dhiyafa Palace in Makkah: Tender#: 9/1439; Document price: SR2,500; D/L: 20-March 2018.

Project for the modification and isolation of the tents of the guests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Arafa: Tender#: 8/1439; Document price: SR2,000; D/L: 19-March 2018.

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