Schneider Electric renews MoU with National Grid Saudi Arabia

By Davis Thattil | Feb 27, 2018
National Grid Saudi Arabia (SA) recently renewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed three years ago with Schneider Electric  to continue service of providing reliable and cost-effective electricity in Saudi Arabia, through which National Grid SA. Schneider Electric will also cooperate in developing and advancing electricity infrastructure in the country.

The MoU renewal, inked between Eng. Waleed Al-Saadi, VP Engineering of National Grid SA and Najib Al-Naeem, country president of Schneider Electric facilitates the two organizations to exchange knowledge, experiences, best practices and technology through conducting periodic technical forums hosted interchangeably at their premises.

The companies will also extend their collaboration as partners for decision making on standards, specifications, engineering, design, maintenance and operation. Additionally, Schneider Electric will continue to provide SEC/National Grid SA with training on mutually agreed focus areas, particularly environmental issues and regulations impacting the industry.

Through the renewal of this MoU, Schneider Electric will increase its efforts to further recruit Saudi engineers in all necessary fields. The company will also go farther in utilizing its internationally renowned expertise in design, installation and maintenance, in addition to leveraging its training experience towards the successful implementation of this agreement.

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