Saudi Aramco awards Haradh and Hawiyah site development contracts

By Davis Thattil | Jan 30, 2018
Saudi Aramco awarded three site development contracts to Mofarreh Alharbi & Partners as part of the company’s Gas Compression Program in Haradh and Hawiyah.

Fahad Al-Helal, Saudi Aramco vice president for project management, signed the contracts on behalf of the company during a ceremony in Dammam. The contracts involve construction of roads and carrying out earthworks in Haradh and Hawiyah.

“We constantly work toward achieving Saudi Aramco’s goals and objectives in natural gas production to diversify the kingdom’s energy mix and to make cleaner energy resources available. Today’s contracts are in line with those goals and objectives. The sites development project will leverage Haradh Increment Program, which is considered a catalyst for growth through increasing total gas production by more than one billion standard cubic feet per day. We are glad that a local pioneer company is involved in the execution of this major project,” said Al-Helal.

Recently, Saudi Aramco signed a number of agreements with several oil and gas service contractors for oil and gas megaprojects designed to enhance the company’s energy sustainability, diversify the economy, expand gas production, and localize domestic content. The agreements are valued at nearly $4.5 billion in total.

The agreements involved improving and sustaining gas production from Haradh and Hawiyah fields by reducing choke pressure at the wellhead. Hawiyah Gas Plant (HGP) Expansion Project will provide additional gas processing facilities to process 1,070 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD) of raw sweet gas, installing a pipeline network to allow free flowing 290 MMSCFD from Haradh field to Hawiyah Gas Plant. 

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