The Chamber is one of Saudi Arabia's oldest and well-established service organizations devoted to the cause of promotion of the private sector contribution to the economy. The Chamber has devised a number of promotional and developmental services to provide support to the private sector initiatives in industry, trade and services.

The Chamber’s Vision is to lead the development of Eastern Province private sector activities and to be a unique service provider and facilitator for the business community in the Eastern Province.

The Chamber’s Mission is to provide distinct & high quality services that meet the expectation of the private sector, and the effective participation in the development of the economical and social aspects of the area.

The Chamber is dedicated to the service of the business community. Its ultimate objective is the acceleration of the pace of growth in the economy through the full mobilization of the resources of the private sector to facilitate the diversification of the economy. In pursuit of this objective, it seeks to promote the cause of the private sector through identifying business opportunities, finding solutions to its common problems within the parameters of the policy and programs of the government and developing international trade.

The Chamber has extended dedicated service to the private sector and the community in general during the last fifty years in the following areas:


The Chamber’s drive to expand the scope of its services to all sectors of the economy has paid dividends in terms of increasing its membership. The Chamber has set up a number of representative committees for major industries, trade and other services. Each of these committees gives specialized attention to the problems and prospects for each of the sectors and acts as a link between the businessmen and the authorities. The extensive coverage of economic sectors has encouraged more and more businessmen, including medium-and small-scale business establishments, to join the Chamber.

One of the features of the Eastern Province is that industries and related businesses are not concentrated in one center. There are a number of clusters of industries, which are geographically apart and, therefore, cannot be handled from the Chambers' head office alone. To serve the businessmen of various localities, the Chamber has opened three branches and six service centers in – Jubail, Qatif, Hafr Al Baten, Al Khafji, Al Khobar, Dammam Downtown, Dammam Ministry of Commerce & Industry Building – The branch expansion has also served as a tool to promote membership.

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