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Irfan Iqbal Khan

Saudi Commerce and Economic Review


Saudi Commerce & Economic Review is a unique business & economy magazine published by the Asharqia Chamber (Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Eastern Province), Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The magazine provides updates and insights on the Kingdom’s trade and economy and keeps you abreast of the latest economic developments in the region. We are confident that the contents of the magazine will be of great benefit to your business.

The Magazine gives you indispensable information on various aspects of the Saudi industrial, economy, trade and business. It gives analytical reports based on Governmental policies and trends in the development of agriculture, mining, banking, manufacturing, construction, service sector etc.. as well as and data of foreign trade.


Special emphasis is given to identifying new business opportunities in Saudi Arabia, particularly for joint ventures. Expert analysis and comments on current developments in the Saudi economy help you to understand their significance in their proper perspective.

The magazine is thus not only informative, but also educative. It has a positive thrust: stimulating trade with, and investment in, Saudi Arabia. A MUST reading for all those who wish to take advantage of the growing business opportunities in Saudi Arabia


A special feature of the magazine is its attractive get-up and layout aimed at improving its readability. It is illustrated with multicolor photographs, graphs and charts. For the benefit of the reader, we give equal attention to both the form and the substance of the magazine.

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