GCC to Adopt Unified Consumption Policy for Power& Water

by shariff mohammed | Jan 13, 2014

Water and electricity officials from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states will meet in Kuwait on Tuesday (14/01/2014) to discuss linkage project, said an official source. The meeting is being organized by GCC’s electricity cooperation committee. He said the committee will explore the possibility of implementing the joint legal and legislative rules to strengthen rationalizing the consumption of water and electricity, in addition to discussing subscribers’ services in the Gulf.

The average daily consumption of water per individual in the Gulf states varies between 300 and 750 liters daily, which is the highest in the world. This is due to the absence of demand management, government focus on increasing water supply through building desalination plants, and increasing dependence on ground water. Gulf States suffer from low public awareness about the value of water resources. GCC countries have the highest water desalination capacity in the world, the productivity of their plants is more than 50 percent of total world production.

The region’s states are among the most-affected countries with regard to water, with individual annual consumption of renewable fresh water resources at about 150 cubic meters. The source said the committee is interested in drafting a study about the joint list of rationalizing technologies in electricity and water. The list will be distributed to member countries and updated if the need arises. The committee will organize and participate in conferences and seminars; it will also take part in international and Gulf workshops focusing on rationalization of electricity and water consumption.

“The committee will review and exchange experiences and technologies in the field of rationalizing water and electricity consumption and subscriber services. It will include the issue of rationalization in all educational stages,” he said.

The committee will celebrate the international water day on March 22, and the Gulf rationalization week, to strengthen the culture of rationalyzing consumption. It aims to activate the role of the public through activating the committee’s website, updating data and developing internal rules and regulations of subscriber services.

UAE Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazroui said earlier that Gulf states are studying suggestions about water linkages between GCC countries. He said water issue is one of the biggest challenges facing Gulf countries.

He said the UAE is dealing seriously with this challenge by conducting rationalization campaigns, purifying used water, building dams, and keeping water inside the ground to limit the dependence on desalinating sea water.

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