Saudi-Nepalese Relations Set o Grow

by Shamsul Huda | Apr 16, 2014
MR. Abdulrahman Rashed Al Rashed, Chairman of Asharqia Chamber, has said that there is bright potential for enhancing trade relations between Saudi Arabia and Nepal. He said this in a meeting with the Nepalese Ambassador to the Kingdom,  Mr.  Udaya Raj Pandey  at the  Chamber  recently.  They  dis cussed possible ways of bolstering economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Nepalese ambassador sought Saudi investments in various economic sectors  particularly in the  fields  of hydro- electricity  generation, tourism and agriculture.  “ We are in dire need of foreign investments in the production of hydro- electricity which has great prospects in Nepal, ” Pandey pointed out. Nepal  has  a  huge hydro power generation potential with a capacity of over 86, 000 MW,  noted Mr.  Uday Raj Pandey.  In  fact, the  perennial nature of Nepali rivers and the steep gradient  of the  country’ s  topography  provide ideal conditions for the development of some of the  world’ s  largest hydroelectric projects in Nepal,  he added.  The present situation  is that Nepal  has  developed only approximately 500MW of hydro power against its present demand estimated at 3, 000 MW.

Nepal’ s electricity generation is dominated by hydro power,  though in the entire scenario of energy use of the country, electricity is a tiny fraction with only 1 percent energy need fulfilled by electricity. The bulk of the energy need is dominated by  fuel wood 68 percent,  agricultural  waste  15 percent,  animal dung 8 percent and imported fossil fuel 8 percent. 

Mr.  Raj Pandey observed that bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Nepal are set to grow significantly following the estab lishment of a Saudi Embassy in Kathmandu in May this year. With the opening of the Saudi embassy, there is possibility of deployment of more  Nepalese workers  in the  Kingdom, he said. Currently over half a million Nepalese  live and work in audi rabia. The Nepalese embassy to the Kingdom was established in 1978 in Jeddah, and  then moved to Riyadh in 1984. “ We have longstanding relations with Saudi  Arabia, ”he pointed out. The Nepalese embassy has  been playing an important role in promoting  bilateral relations mainly based on economic and social cooperation  between Nepal and Saudi Arabia,  he said.

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