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by shariff mohammed | Sep 27, 2016

 What is the scope for this application in the market?

 JetSmarter is providing flexibility and ease of use in 3 main areas:

 1) Jet charter, which is currently very complicated and sometimes frustrating process as the client needs to go through a broker and has to do it through phone calls, fax and require physical signature etc.

 2) Jet Shuttle, booking a seat on a private jet ensuring the passenger will enjoy first class service plus VIP treatment like departing from private terminal

 3) Jet Deals, we offer roughly 4000 empty legs a month free for our members for the whole jet. The service is available through mobile app for anyone who has the app on their phone and anywhere in the world.

How do you see the Middle East market and its mobile penetration? Do you see any major changes in the trends?

The Gulf Region has one of the highest mobile phones per capita and impressive growth rate in the use of Internet, we believe this is ideal for mobile application businesses and if there is any change it will continue to grow fueled by the young population and baby boomer.

Looking at the surging oil price, do you see any slowdown in the Middle East market, which indirectly affects all business?

Obviously the drop in oil prices will impact businesses and economies of Gulf States, however I don't believe it will change the behavior of current users of private jets. On the other hand the drop in oil prices will reflect a similar drop in fuel cost which represents a significant component of flying cost. Having said that we have seen tremendous demand from the GCC which is growing significantly month over month.

Moving forward what is the new application that you are planning on this platform?

We are planning to expand our business in Asia and expand the daily inventory of jets to meet the growing demand. In GCC we have a plan to launch jet shuttle services on number of routes very soon inshallah. There is huge number of applications in the market to serve customers, what is the USP of JETSMARTER that makes it unique.

JetSmarter is a revolution in an industry of USD 60 billion, when you look at how you book a hotel or a seat on a commercial flight it's very easy and seamless process through a press of button on a web or app but when it comes to private jets it is a very complex process requiring phone calls and fax or email and signing endless documents, not to mention the lack of transparency and inefficiency in utilizing jets. We believe customers deserve simple, transparent & efficient way to book private jet 24/7 and up to 6 hours before the flight and on the other hand will help jet operators to enhance jets utilization rates & optimize efficiency.

Faisal Al Omran is a shareholder in, and advisor to, JetSmarter - a service described as Uber for private jets that allows people to book private jet flights within seconds via a smartphone app. He also acts as the brand’s spokesperson for the MENA region. Faisal brings over fifteen years of experience in banking and investment to his JetSmarter role. Simultaneously, he continues executing his responsibilities as investment banker, shareholder and board member in a number of other companies and private investment committees. Faisal has an established track record of catalysing business success. For instance, he played a key role in helping set up BNP Paribas’s banking operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and also launching and shaping its investment arm region-wide. He is adept at developing corporate visions for businesses, and then formulating the processes and marketing outreach strategies to translate these visions to reality. His skills have held him in good stead at JetSmarter, allowing him to map out a rapid expansion path for the high-potential concern.

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