Perfuming Industry with Hardwork

by Mohammed Shariff | Apr 02, 2014

Can you tell us how did you started this venture?

Back in 2000 I was just a trader of some popular perfumes brand. This was in addition to the government job which I had with the salary of SR2100. I had dream to be real perfume man, I always wanted to have my own brand of perfume that could compete with major brands. I could realize this in 2007 where we  started manufacturing  in Dubai and I started business in the Kingdom. I learned a lot and I took each mistakes as lesson and in 2008 my business started picking up. Growing demands from wholesalers and delay in the borders while importing from Dubai also forced us to think of manufacturing in the Kingdom. It was necessary as many of our products got spoiled during summer while transportation.

Ultimately  In 2010, my dream was realized and we started plant in the Kingdom. This was first of its kind and state of art plant to manufacture high quality perfumes. This was competitive edge for me as still most of the perfumes are being imported. This helped us in focusing in more on marketing and distribution, the cost of production has gone down drastically and we could manage to meet the demand within short span of time. I utilized all my experiences which I had in European and US  industries. The exposure that I had in the foreign brands helped me in building outstanding brand in the Kingdom. I was very particular about maintaining the professionalism in the industry and quality in the product, which gave me good results at the end.

If you work toward a goal with perfect idea you can always win and achieve your goal. My journey gave me many lessons, which in future helped me in shaping the business. We have to target the business that has demand in the local market.  GCC is market is one of the primary and biggest perfumes market and consumption level is high and the market is growing steadily. The market size is about is SR15 billion in 2012 alone. Saudi Arabia alone is makes 30 percent of the market share, and it is the biggest market for perfumes.

What were your past profession, how did that help in shaping the business?

I had perfect plan about my career, I was working in government sector, while working there I use to be a retail trader of food items, especially dates and its subsidiaries. I had to face many problems during that time. Later in 1998 I started fruits and vegetables shops which was good, however, legal hurdles came from Ministry of Labor, which made the business difficult and I found myself in loss. However, I must admit that this season was learning season. It thought me that we need unlearn many things that we have learned and learn many things that we never learned.

Certainly you must have faced many challenges in your journey?  what are those and how did you resolved?

As I told you after several trial and error in different sectors I got in to perfume sector. The trading experience which I had taught me how to turn the tides of challenges to opportunities. I had funding problem, which I solved by selling off some properties and made practical budget and created a mechanism which allowed me to restrict the spending. As usual, there are lots of hurdles that come in the form of procedure. Still there is no clarity, which also creates the confusion and budget problems.  When I started perfume business, I decided to stick to one specific sector and specialize in it, after that my foots were always forward.

We built 3250 sq mt plant in the Dammam industrial city in 2011 and now we have all the certification that a standard industry requires. In 2012 we were exempted from custom duties in import and export. We are now using all the modern technologies to make our products, the best.  We are currently studying a strategic project in the marketing of products , especially under a global brand and registered the factory to target the elite VIP segment in major cities and special exhibitions.

How would you rate your experience so far?

All praise to Allah, who helped me at every stage. Whenever I felt down, his remembrance gave me strength and energy to overcome problems. Today every day we get in to new products and new business. You have work hard consistently to achieve your goal.

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