Good Training Will Help Young Saudis

by Mohammed Shariff | Apr 02, 2014

Youssef A. Al-Dossary, Chairman of Al Sale Eastern Co. Ltd. Shares his thoughts on emerging Saudi economy and its future with Mohammed Shariff of Saudi Commerce and economic Review.

Can you tell us about your business?

Al-Sale Eastern Co. Ltd. sas the privilege of being one of the leading companies in the field of ferrous scrap processing , and weighing systems . The company has achieved this steady growth both in capital and manpower in its field of its activities due to its commitment to maintain its reputation through quality and after sales services .

The company was founded by Shaikh Youssef bin Ahmad bin Hamad Aldossary in 1976 , and started supplying scrap steel to Saudi Iron & Steel company (Hadeed-Sabic) in 1984. The company extended its services with its own caravan of trucks and lorries. Later in 1994 the company added weighing systems division that embarked and manufactured in Saudi Arabia along with its maintenance and after sales section.
Today , the company is proud to have its Shredder Project which was inaugurated in 2009 as the new Investment in Steel projects. To its one of the leading Industrial companies in GCC States and The Gulf States both in scrap steel and weighing systems and solutions. It became truly International in 1996 after its first weigh bridge export order to Bahrain . And now Al-Sale is proud of having its weighing systems installations in Oman ,Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. In metal processing and recycling division,  we operate through our Metal Processing Yards in Dhahran, Riyadh and Madina, which are fully equipped with necessary machines, such as loaders, grabs, hydraulic sheering machines, press machines and weighbridges. Ferrous scrap delivered to our yards are segregated as per international standards and supplied to Saudi Iron and Steel Company (Hadeed). We supply special specification ferrous scrap also to companies, such as National Foundries and Saudi Arabian Ductile Iron Pipe Company. This process involves strict quality control standards to achieve the requirements of our customers. We have recently launched a new service, where we provide containers or visit customer on regular basis with fully equipped roll-on roll-off vehicles to collect scrap steel from industries. This service will be achieved by signing contracts with suppliers to remove scrap steel on regular basis or by purchasing the total quantity.

We aspire to be the global Ferrous Scrap & Weighing Systems Industry benchmark for Good quality and Corporate ethics and we make the differences through Our encouraged and supported employees, our products by becoming the customer choice in premium services and our global approach by looking at solutions for upcoming markets and supporting the already existing ones.

Being in to business for more than decade how do you see the Kingdom's growth?

I would say it's phenomenal, we grew from scratch and now we are one of the leading economy in the world. We have gone through several changes, of course some of them were difficult but we managed to turn the tides in favor of our country and we must thank government for this tremendous job.

The idea of sustainable development has yielded good results, today economy is growing at much faster rate. This is despite of global financial crisis which is still haunting many developed countries. The government itself is investing billions on infrastructure development.  Transportation sector has become primary area of development as the government is investing on road and rail transportation. Looking at the vision of The Custodian of The two holy mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, we have lot to come and future generation will get more benefit from his vision and policies.

How do you see the growth of non-oil economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

That’s a good question and I must admit that the potential we have in this sector is yet to be utilized, though we have done great job but we have long way to go. The petrochemical industry has grown and other plastic sector has also seen massive growth. The vision of the government to diversify the economy has gone well with the development plan of the government, the progress will surge with all new policies. We have a competitive edge in oil and we need to create the same competitive edge in petrochemical sector, this is possible and as we have we have biggest raw material providers for this sector.

The government is trying all its way to increase employment opportunities for the locals, how do you see this whole episode?

Personally, I feel glad to see Saudi young graduates getting into actual job markets, now they are capable of competing with the standards. The saudiasation program is one of the successful idea and this has opened new avenues of jobs for Saudi youths. Now they are able to see lots of opportunities after the NITAQAT program is implemented. Of course they need training, and we are also committed to give them training to empower them. Though we may face some challenges in the beginning, proper training would give you good results. We have experienced that in our company, we gave them good training and now they are competent employees of the company. There are lots of areas where little training would give you better results. Different government and private agencies should concentrate on more training, so that our young generation can be prepared for the modern market demands.

How do you see the Eastern Province as industrial hub?

I think Eastern Province has been torch bearer of industrial development in the Kingdom. However, I must say that we have to bring many corrective measures to brings things in order. We need to make the land available for the industrial purpose and it should have proper plan that suits industrial development. The present infrastructure need to streamlined for the better procurement and implementation. We have best transport link with other GCC countries and we need to capitalize this opportunities. 



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