• The Saudi Economy In 2018: Improvement In The Year Ahead

    Apr 15, 2018
    After the recent budget, the marker expect an improvement in the Saudi economy in the year ahead, supported by both the oil and non-oil sector. Oil sector GDP is expected to improve, in part, due to rises in oil production as OPEC and non-OPEC countries gradually exit from cuts at some point during the year.
  • Non-Oil Sector Set to Record Significant Growth in 2018

    Mar 20, 2018
    KSA’s fiscal deficit has been reduced to SR230 billion, equating to 8.9 percent to GDP as expenditures increased to SR926 billion while revenues reached SR696 billion. Fiscal consolidation and structural adjustment weighed on the Saudi economy, which had contracted in real terms by 0.5 percent in 2017
  • KSA Focuses on Refined Oil Exports

    Feb 06, 2018
    Saudi Arabia is concentrating on the development of its refinery sector to become a key supplier of refined oil to the international markets with the aim of weaning the Kingdom off its oil-based economy, an ambitious target set under the Saudi Vision 2030. Thus the Kingdom has embarked on building new refineries and expansions of other existing plants.
  • Kingdom’s Fiscal Position Shows Positive Trajectory

    Nov 29, 2017
    Global economic activity has remained robust and broad based, with both Developed and Emerging Markets continuing to perform well. Trade and investment is picking up, commodity prices have firmed, business confidence has generally improved, and unemployment rates have fallen.
  • Kingdom's Fiscal Deficit Shows Yearly Decline

    Oct 01, 2017
    The latest quarterly budget performance report by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) showed a continued improvement in Saudi Arabia’s fiscal position. Due to an increase in government revenue, by 6 percent, and a drop in expenses by 1 percent, year-on-year, the fiscal deficit declined to SR46.5 billion in Q2 2017, compared to SR58 billion a year ago. Continued yearly improvements in oil revenue helped lift overall government revenue in Q2 2017.
  • Kingdom's Non-oil Private Sector Growth Will Accelerate in 2017

    May 03, 2017
    Year 2017 should see a substantially lower deficit of SR198 billion (compared with SR326 billion in 2016’s budget). This higher level of budgeted spending continues to highlight the government’s willingness and ability to support the economy, according to Jadwa Research's report on The Saudi Economy in 2017
  • Kingdom's Money Supply Rebounded

    Mar 02, 2017
    Following the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) second rate hike since 2008, the US’s path to policy normalization is expected to accelerate. Meanwhile, other advanced economies are expected to continue with their respective quantitative easing programs in 2017, Monetary and Financial Update by Jadwa Research
  • REITs To Give Investors Easy Access to Local Real State

    Mar 02, 2017
    Capital Market Authority (CMA) approved a set of rules allowing the formation of Real Estate Investment Traded Funds (REITs) on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). As with many of the economic reforms enacted recently, the introduction of REITs falls in line with the broader goals of the National Transformation Program (NTP) and Saudi Vision 2030, according to Jadwa Research report.
  • Kingdom's Continued Investment in Gas Gives Steady Rise in Output

    Dec 04, 2016
    Whilst a steady supply of gas is expected to come online between now and 2020, it seems the greater challenge in exploiting gas will occur in the decade after. Considering the vast reserves of unconventional gas in the Kingdom, according to the report by Jadwa Research 'Natural Gas and the Vision 2030'.
  • Oil Market's Attention Shifting from Supply to Demand

    Dec 09, 2015
    Non-OECD demand is expected to hold up, regardless of the fragility in the Chinese economy, with yearly rises in Chinese oil demand forecast at 3.6 percent. Overall, the continued moderate pace of global economic growth will result in 1.4 percent year-on-year global oil demand growth, with similar annual growth rates in 2016.
  • All Time High Value Contracts

    Apr 03, 2014
    The value of awarded contracts during 2013 climbed to an all-time high of SR293.4 billion, growing 25 percent compared to 2012. October’s contract awards were valued at approximately SR11.3 billion, led by power and residential real estate sectors. November’s value of contract awards climbed to approximately SR11.8 billion, led by the industrial and power sectors.
  • Tight Oil and Shale Gas Production To Have Impact on the Kingdom

    Apr 03, 2014
    Forecast of global energy demand growth, coupled with declines in the production from conventional oil fields, have led observers to predict that tight oil and shale gas will play an increasing large role in the world’s energy markets and will affect large established players such as Saudi Arabia. according to report by Jadwa Research titiled 'Outlook for Unconventional Oil & Gas Production'
  • Saudi Arabia to Further Develop Water Infrastructure

    Jan 12, 2014
    Saudi Arabia’s rapidly rising population, urbanization and industrial development and large investments in social and physical infrastructure, have exerted demand pressure on the existing water resources. In 2012, contracts in the water sector amounted to a total of SR8.9 billion, and those in the waste water sector amounted to SR2.6 billion.

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