King Faisal Military City – Operations and Maintenance

By Davis Thattil | 02.11.2018
Supply of plastic waste bags: Tender#: 32/39; Document price: SR500; D/L: 07-March 2018.

Supply of agricultural machinery and materials: Tender#: 18/39; Document price: SR1,000; D/L: 28-February 2018.

Supply and installation of telephone networks: Tender#: 19/39; Document price: SR1,500; D/L: 28-February 2018.

Supply of photocopiers, spare parts and toners: Tender#: 22/39; Document price: SR500; D/L: 04-March 2018.

Supply of spare parts for refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning units: Tender#: 23/39; Document price: SR1,000; D/L: 04-March 2018.

Supply of building materials and carpentry equipment:  Tender#: 29/39; Document price: SR1,000; D/L: 06-March 2018.

Supply of vehicles: Tender#: 30/39; Document price: SR2,000; D/L: 06-March 2018.

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